Welcome Week of Kindness friends!

How do you use your journal?

This Memo Book has been created to help you through your "journey" - no matter where you are...

I was diagnosed just 39 days apart with BOTH Breast and Rectal Cancer and I really needed help with keeping all of my important information together and a place to jot down my thoughts and emotions of everything that was happening - it's like a roller-coaster!

As you go through this - things will change - like your priorities, thoughts, feelings, goals and values. And that's OK! This book will help you with all of that!

In the early pages of this book, you will find the information you will need for all your appointments / treatments, (they are different) and personal info.

After that, you will find gratitude - YES - gratitude . Just being thankful for the "little" things makes a huge difference! I know this journey is going to SUCK but there are also good things that can come out of this too - sometimes you just have to look a little harder. That's what the writing prompts are for.

After Gratitude, you will find helpful tips for getting through chemo and radiation, some coping ideas, info on lymhedema and helpful questions to ask your doctor and/or oncologist.

I want to help you get through this! From one Warrior to the next - you can still smile, still have fun, see and be grateful for the little things! Will it be easy? NOPE! But you CAN do this! And through this book, I'll be "with you" every step of the way!

All of my treatments were at The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and one of my ways for saying Thank you to them, is by giving back a"Loonie" ($1) (if you live in Canada, you know) :) from every book sold. If you know someone who's just been diagnosed, in the middle of their journey or even approaching the end of treatments (there is still a lot that happens) let them know this book is available ... better yet, buy it for them - you will be helping out- more than you know. Thank you! 

Once you've tried your free version...

The premium version of My Daily Memos is only $15.55 and includes over 90 pages of additional information, tracking, journaling and exercises for you to try along your journey.

A portion of every sale goes back to The Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to pay it forward for others on their journey.

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