Seven Ways To Be Thankful

Your first step to more happiness and fulfillment with this daily reminder that you can set as your wallpaper or print and hang on your wall!

Gratitude is your key to happiness...

Your fulfillment in life grows quickly when you practice gratitude.

After all, being thankful is an essential part of living a life and shifting negative experiences into positive outcomes.

When you focus on the gratitude, you cultivate a positive outlook that will help you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease. 

This is such an important first step that I prepared "7 Ways To Be Thankful" to give you some practical ways to be thankful that you'll try every day.

What does it mean to practice gratitude?

With the "7 Ways To Be Thankful" file you will:

  • KISS - Keep It Super Simple
  • Start small and understand exactly where to start looking for opportunities to practice gratitude.
  • Start with just one thing and gradually scale up to as much as possible once your practice becomes your routine.

Some simple examples of practicing gratitude:  being thankful for waking up, getting sunshine in your face, or painting your nails. There's much more in your download!

I'm your guide, Tammy...

In 2021, just 39 days apart, I was diagnosed with both breast and rectal cancer...

Immediately, my entire life was upside down.

I felt frustrated.  Overwhelmed.  Isolated.

Even though there were people around to help, it was difficult to take my life back and reconnect to who I was before the diagnoses.

One of the things that helped me through my journey was understanding how to practice gratitude.

For me, being thankful is something that I try to practice every day. 

One of the ways that I express my gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, I take a few minutes to reflect on the things that I am thankful for, and I write them down in my journal. 

Sometimes it's something as simple as the sun shining outside, or a delicious meal that I cooked for myself. Other times, it's something more significant, like the support of my family and friends during a difficult time.

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